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  • Keep your cheek married to the gun – don’t look up too soon, it is like golf, keep your head down.
  • Don’t flinch and pull the gun down
  • If you focus on the sight on the end of the gun you will always shoot over the bird
  • Swing to the target and shoot (don’t track it) and follow thru
  • Keep your eye on the target not the end of your gun.  The bird will not be in focus or you’ve been there too long.
  • If you miss your shot, notice what the bird did.  If it moved up, you shot under it.  If it moved down you shot over it.  If it looked like it put on the brakes, you lead it too much.  If it scooted forward you shot behind it.  If it did nothing, you probable shot way late.
  • Don’t forget the importance of your foot work, move into position so you will be stabilized and you can swing level to the bird
  • I want you to re-word these points so as to  speak them to yourself in a positive way that works for you.  Think what to do, not what not to do.



Personal, one on one training in the field is available by the owner for a fee of $50.  Either for the morning hunt or the afternoon hunt.  Daily fees still apply.  Contact Brad for scheduling.  214-454-4499

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