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  • Dont crowd another hunter……give at least 50 yards between hunters
  • Stay out of the middle of the field and DO NOT WALK THE FIELD. The birds that make it thru the barrage need to land and feed.  You can shoot as they are coming out of the field.
  • Pick up your hulls so we can keep the land owner happy
  • Always have your gun on safety when around other hunters
  • Do not shoot below the horizon unless you are positive no one is in the path
  • When a bird goes down, keep your eye on it and walk directly to it.  If you do not see it right away, mark the place where you think it is with a small towel and walk a grid around the towel, also if you shoot another bird you can find your place again.  Remember, the bird is usually farther out than  you think!
  • When the Game Warden approaches you, unload your gun, have your license out.  Do not make him wait.
  • When possible, hunt with your back to the sun so the bird is looking into the sun, not you.
  • If you are hunting a tree line and your back is against the trees, the birds will come over so fast you will not be able to pick them up in time and you will have one of the most difficult shots.  Move into the field about 20 yards, sit down and face the trees.
  • Do not shoot over a county road or highway……it is against the law.  Leave your gun in the field if you need to retrieve a bird.
  • Crossing a fence line that is not owned by our land owner is trespassing and you are taking a chance.
  • If you leave a bird laying in the field too long before retrieving them, beware they will have ants on them.
  • When cleaning birds, have someone stand watch because they always fly over you when you think the hunt is over.  Always warn others that you are going to shoot!!
  • Double check your game bag for dead birds.  There is nothing like finding a dead bird days later.
  • If you are in a spot that is not producing shots, look where they are coming in and move.  If others are getting shots in another part of the field, move toward them without crowding them.
  • If you get a double with 2 birds down, always go pickup the 2nd bird first, then imagine the line of flight of the 1st in reference to the 2nd
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